Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

Ncube Logistics is a recognized custom house agent in the logistics industry in India. Being one of the foremost custom clearance agents in Pune, we render professional and complete custom clearance logistics services for export and import shipments at all the major airports and sea ports in India.

Known as the trusted custom broker amongst our clients in the industry we are backed by a strong team of licensed custom clearance agents who come with in-depth industry knowledge and experience. While your shipment is held by the customs, our team helps you go through the process meticulously to ensure smooth and speedy clearance, avoiding delays or penalties on your shipment.


Our portfolio of custom brokerage services includes complete custom clearance solution comprising of product line classification, duty reduction assistance, compliance management, etc. Our innovative technology connects us with Indian Customs and other government agencies and allows us to speed up the clearance process the moment your shipment lands.

Our Scope of Work

Our service range comprises of –

Import & Export Documentation Guidance
Appraisement & Examination Procedure Completion
Customs Financial Transactions
Duty Reduction Assistance
Project Import Clearance
Reimport post Repairs/ Exhibition
Third Party Export Clearance
High Sea Sale Shipment
Advance License Shipments
EOU / STPI / SEZ / TP for ships spare-parts
R & D certificate
In-bond / Ex-bond Shipments
Duty Drawback

Ncube Logistics is offering complete Import and Export Customs Clearance Services at all major Airports and Sea Ports in India. We adhere to strict customs compliances and quality operations thereby eliminating delays and providing quality service to all our customers.

Our services in Customs Clearance include:

      1.Guidance for preparing Import and Export related documents as per Indian Customs compliance.
      2.Completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments.

    In Import Shipments, we provide the following services:
    • Routine shipment, Home consumption (Duty paid)
    • In-Bond/Ex-Bond shipment
    • DEPB / EPCG / DFCEC / advance license shipments
    • 100% EOU / STPI / SEZ / TP for ships spare-parts / R&D certificate / pass book scheme
    • Project import clearance
    • Direct delivery for perishable & specific cargo
    • Re-import after repairs / exhibition
    • Third country export clearance
    • High seas sale shipment clearance

    In Export Shipments, we provide the following services:
    • Under free shipping bill
    • Under claim for duty drawback. (All industry rate / brand rate) of dutiable goods
    • Under DEPB shipping bill
    • Under EPCG (export promotion capital goods)
    • For E.O.U/ EPZ / STP / EHTP
    • Securing export benefits on behalf of shippers