Transportation Logistics

Transportation Logistics

Ncube Logistics provides total transport logistics services in Pune, India. We have served every transportation need of our clients with professionalism, promptness, customized and excellent services with ease. Being well connected to a large and widespread network of transportation companies in India, we gain a competitive edge over our associates in the market. Our tailor-made flexible solutions and competitive pricing strategy makes it easy for our clients to pick our services and have a hassle-free experience. Our industry experience and long standing help us improve on transport efficiencies, overcome barriers in terms of trade, technical and documentations, apply import technologies, minimize costs and ensure timely completion of projects.


With us, our clients enjoy the freedom of choosing our flexible services – be it any weight or size, anytime, anywhere, even in terms of kind of load - Loose or containerized cargo, project cargo, etc.

Our Scope of Work

Our transportation services comprise of –

  • Transportation of heavy and odd dimensional cargo to any destination in India
  • End-to-end Project cargo movement
  • Delivery to consignee destination of import cargo post custom clearance
  • Personal baggage trucking to passenger doorstep after clearance.
  • Container transportation trailers for all inland destinations in India.
  • Pickup of Export Cargo from shipper warehouse to nearest port.

We have a large network of Truck Owners and Trucking companies within India. N Cube offers very competitive pricing for any kinds of load viz. Containerised Cargo, Loose Cargo, Project Cargo etc. The challenge is to minimize costs, improve transport efficiencies, overcome trade, technical and paper barriers and apply import technologies to ensure completion of project requirements in the time allotted. Any size, Any Weight, AnyWhere, AnyHow, AnyTime, EveryTime. That's our forte in Transportation.